Technical Information

Technical Information

It is necessary to

It is necessary to create a positive in a block of the areas to be stamped and not the whole design of the product so as to avoid making the filming more expensive.

It is convenient to consult us about the carrying out of the engravings, it should have a logical equivalency between the cost of the engraving and the cost of the placement in the machine. The kind of engraving to be used according to the amount of documents to be engraved and the repetition of editions, due to their incidence in the cost. Our machines only work with engravings that are 7mm. thick.

When undertaking an hot stamping it is not necessary to keep a reserve in print, as if it were a fifth colour. The stamping is opaque and covers the ink, thus obtaining the maximum quality in adjustement. When stamped large amounts of film, we would advise you to consult us previously. If the surface to be stamped is polipropylene and the colour required is less common than the usual one it is best to consult us previously.

Delivery is made with the montage applied on the engraved documents and with the adjustment crosses perfectly indicated. To avoid possible errors or unnecessary delays, it is essential to provide a plotter or colour test on a marked document or an original copy so as to be able to correct it adequately before proceeding with the stamping.

There should be at least 1.5cms. inlet.

It is very important that you indicate the guides on which the paper has been printed on the pile. Once engraved, the items must be sent without cutting them so as to avoid possible disarrangement.